Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bohemian Curls

CONAIR: Ceramic Instant Heat 3/4" Spiral Styler

I find that this is the best curling iron for me to achieve beautiful natural curls. It's just $15.99 but if you are like me and wanna save a few extra bucks you can check Ross or Big Lots they sometimes carry curling irons. I bought mine for $5.99 and it was the best $5.99....I had spent in a while... I found it at a store called DD's it's kinda like Ross... you know never know when you are gonna find a great bargain.

What can I say other than I got bored with my look and wanted to try something different. Since I decided a while back not to dye my hair anymore I wanted it natural and healthy so the next best thing curls. Soft wavy curls and I must say I love this look its easy and simple to achieve although my hair is so thick and full that it took about 2 hours the only downfall but it's well worth it. I got a little worried at first because the curls were so tight that I looked a bit like the cowardly lion. So I just let the curls go down a bit and then added some hairspray to hold the curl. Hope you enjoyed this post!!!

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